• Types: K-10, K-20, PD-45, PD-55 and PD-55A
  • NBR, HNBR and Urethane Rubber Compounds
  • High quality rubber with excellent durability and longer service
  • Higher working temperature ranges
  • Repair kits are also available
Pulsation Dampener Bladders
Annular Packing Elements
  • Shaffer®, Hydril® and Cameron® style annular packing elements
  • Natural and Nitrile Rubber Compounds
  • FAT tested per industry standards
  • OEM annular elements available
  • Annular Seal Kits are also available
  • Shaffer®, Hydril® and Cameron® style Ram Packers
  • NBR and HNBR Material Compound for different applications
  • Available in various BOP sizes and pressure ratings
  • Bonnet Rebuild Seal Kits are also available
Ram Packers
Ram Blocks
  • High Quality Carbon Steel Ram Blocks
  • API Monogrammed Blocks available upon request
  • Variety of  types and sizes available
  • Compatible with leading O.E.M. styles



  • Types: Flat, Dual Split, Dual Solid, Low Profile Drill Pipe Wipers
  • Square and Hex Kelly Wipers
  • Resistant to cutting, tearing and abrasion
  • Steel ring reinforced for high quality performance
  • Available for all sizes drill pipe
Pipe Wipers
Test Cups and Assemblies
  • Wide range of Cameron® Style Type “F” Test Cups and Test Cup Assemblies
  • High quality NBR and Urethane rubber compound for excellent service life
  • Operating Temperature 200°F
  • Stripper Rubbers – Types (Texas Short Hall, BIW, JU, Washington®)
  • High quality oil-resistant, wear-resistant rubber
  • Excellent Service Life
  • Efficiently cleans the pipe and maintains pressure in well
Stripper Rubbers
Other Products

Oil Saver Rubbers

  • Guiberson® style Type H Oil Saver Rubber
  • Oil, Gas and Abrasion Resistant
  • Available in various color and hardness
    • Black – 55 Shore A Duro
    • Red – 45 Shore A Duro
    • Blue – 35 Shore A Duro
    • Green – 35 Shore A Duro

Air Union Tubes

  • Nitrile Rubber tubes inflatable through valve stem
  • Quick installation of plain end pipes
  • 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 16” sizes

Elevator Straps

  • Designed for ease handling and positioning of elevator
  • High quality nitrile rubber for elasticity and longer life

Tong Pull Back straps

  • Oil resistant nitrile compound
  • Up to 300% elongation capability